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Halfsmile.in is under construction phase.
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What is coming soon

HalfSmile is all about raising funds online, for your charity. We meant to complement your effort & contribution!

Create your Profile Page

Sign up to create your own HalfSmile Profile. Think of your HalfSmile Profile as your Charitable Life; the one place where you can show all of the ways you're giving back. Show all of your active and completed fundraising campaigns; view the total amount you've raised for your causes.

Start your Fundraiser

As soon as you have a Profile, use HalfSmile to create your as many fundraising pages as you want. Personalize your fundraising page with a compelling video, story and pics. Set a fundraising goal and make it really clear why it's so important for you to hit your goal.

Share your Fundraiser

Email a link to your fundraising page to everyone you know. Email still works the best but you want to share your page as many places as possible. Share your fundraiser on all your social networks & we do the same from our end.

Our Goal is...

To provide extremely easy, customizable platform to create compelling fundraising campaigns that raise new funds for your Organization.


To provide a turn-key solution for empowering your base of donors, supporters, and volunteers to raise funds for your Charity.


To help you tap into the younger demographic by making it fun to give back.


Who is doing the project

We are group of folks started with a small discussion how can we contribute ourselves to our Nation. Everyone has there own way of contributions, that is good. However, we realized all our contributions which we are doing individually has no credibility. Eventually we are trying to connect dots which is expected to have Fullsmile on people's face.




IT Folks





Let us know your thoughts or Projects!

We extremely encorauge you to contact us with your Charity or Project which can benefit our Nation, we will help to raise funds through Halfsmile.in